"In our line of business we have to be up and running 100% of the time or our patient’s lives can be at risk. For a short time, we had been using an individual to help with our IT needs. He had no backup and his experience was limited. He did a good job with the skills he had, but we needed an IT consultant who was reliable and dependable. We interviewed three IT companies from Harrisonburg, Page County and Roanoke, and Computer Networks, Inc of Roanoke fit best what our medical clinic was looking for. With Computer Networks, we now have the security of knowing that there is an experienced team of IT experts available 24/7 to fix any system crashes. We have contacted Computer Networks during the day and night and each time they’ve worked quickly to solve our computer or software problems and got our Electronic Medical Records up and running. “Because our EMR software is provided by another vendor, we appreciate Computer Networks’ willingness to work with them and get the problem solved, even if it’s in an area not covered by their contract. Computer Networks’ personalized and professional service is solution oriented and that is exactly our medical clinic was looking for in an IT company. We highly recommend them."

Dr. Aamodt